Catching Up

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it’s been about two month since my last post. The goal was to create a habit to write daily and needless to mention, i’ve fallen short. It worked for a while when i was on vacation but now since school has started, the pressure is building and i am going from one deadline to the next for projects and assignments, homework and exams.

There have been quite a few good things that have happened in the past weeks, I am working hard to try to get where i want to be. My college department is supportive of me. I have a great network of friends. I was down in NYC last weekend and i had a great time with a friend walking around Central Park on Saturday and the high line on Sunday. The weather was great Saturday but was cold on Sunday.

I am looking forward to new beginnings when i am done with my degree. I will be looking for a job and building my life from there. I hope all of you are doing well and life is taking you places you want to go. I truly believe that if you want something badly enough, you will get it no matter how bleak the situation seems at this moment.

Therefore, this post is to just say yes, i am trying to catch up with blogging regularly and that i haven’t forgotten you and i am thankful for the network and support of fellow bloggers and readers. It means much to me. Many times, when something happens – my first instinct is to want to write about it. Record it so that it shall stay in my memory forever but usually something like that happens in the middle of a busy day where i am running from one place to the next and so i put it off for later but it never happens until i sit down and consciously try to jot everything down. By the time i get to writing, the raw emotions have faded and now only a silhouette of what i had been feeling.

I will try to write more regularly. For now i am just grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

Take care y’all.




Day 31: Moon

It was a starry night

I looked up at the sky

There was sorrow in my heart

There was sorrow on his face.

He asked me why i was sad

I said, i was empathizing for my best friend

I then asked why he was sad?

He said he couldn’t bear the pain of being away from his loved ones

But he also mentioned that there was a new member that joined his distant family.

I think i knew who he was talking about

She who left our side, is now twinkling as a new next to him.

She is my friend’s grandma and he is our Moon.


This post is dedicated to my best friend who is at this time mourning the loss of her grandma. To all my fellow bloggers, please pray for her grandma’s soul and for strength for my friend and her family.

This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Moon




Day 30: Ghost

I have been trying to deal with it

The ghost of my past keeps haunting me

The ghost of my past keeps taunting me

I have been trying to let it all go

But the fear of what happens next

Grips me entirely.

I know letting go wouldn’t be so bad

But i wonder why thinking of it makes me sad

Eventually, i let it go

Giving my ghost a release

Hoping the nightmare shall soon cease

It is a new page in life that i have turned

It is a new day, with the sun shining bright

No more gremlins, no more ghosts!


This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Ghost


Day 29: Carry

He was a kid, always carried around by his mom

As he grew older, he learned to carry his little car around

Slowly, it was books and their size grew bigger

Each passing year

After years of lugging those big things around

It was time for something new

Then came the work laptop and the smart phone


Both of which never left his side day or night.

He would be disconnected

But yet always connected.

Message him and he’d respond under less than five

He didn’t realize the weight he was carrying around

The responsibility and expectations slowly increased

Till one day, the phone died.

There was nothing he could do.

No emails he could respond, no messages he could reply to

All he had was a phone that was on life support when connected to the charger

Dead otherwise.

He spent five days without the phone

No need for constantly checking to see if his friends commented on their silly thread on facebook

Nor the need to check WhatsApp for texts by ones who love him

Right now all he carries with him

Are all his whims and fancies

He is not being tracked

He is free!


This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Carry

Day 28: Confused

She looks at herself in the mirror

She is meeting a friend for dinner

She doesn’t know if she should let her hair down

Or tie it up

She is momentarily confused.


They go to dinner

She looks at the menu

There’s so much food and they all sound great.

Some have pictures too

She is hungry and confused.


She goes to the super market to shop

All she wants is milk

But what stares back at her is no fat, low fat, 1%, 2%, skimmed, full fat.

Once again, she is frustrated and confused.


She sits in class

The professor says – It is a team project

She has two good friends she’d like to work with

But all she can do is pick one

This time she’s torn and confused.


She likes him, or she thinks she does

He says he likes her too, maybe

To her, his actions and words don’t add up

With him, she’s helplessly confused.


She applies for jobs

They both are great offers

One is more money the other is more freedom

They’re both big names and she likes them both

She is stressed and confused.


In all these situations,

With some amount of thinking

She usually comes to a decision

But when she thinks to herself,

She feels she is perpetually – Confused!


This post is inspired by : The Daily Prompt: Confused

Day 16-27:My Complicated Muse

Yes, yes, i know this is cheating. I promised to be blogging continuously, albeit at my own pace for 21 days because i wanted this to be a 21 day challenge. I read in some books that doing anything for 21 days helps you set that into a habit and once you get into the habit of doing something it is difficult to fall back into your old ways. I know that i just cannot say day 16 – day 27 and not write for 12 days but since i’ve missed writing given my travels away and vacation coming to an end, friends to meet and fun to have – i decided to just club 12 words and use them in one single post. That way i catch up with the daily prompt in a more effective manner than retroactively tagging the topics given.

The words: Muse, Craving, Praise, Stubborn, Paint, Luxury, Joke, Maybe, Surface, Obsessed, Reach, Complicated.

I think to myself, what a bouquet of words. Looking at them i know where my mind wants to take me. So i have an impish smile as i type:

My Complicated Muse is he

It probably started as a joke, maybe

And years later we still crave each other’s company

He is so stubborn and so am i, bullish in our own ways

When i think of him, i sigh!

How we can be beautiful and cold all the same

He has always been out of reach

Just being in the same space- is  luxury

Under the surface a lot bubbles

We try to shield each other from life’s troubles

He paints a pretty picture of the world for me

I am on top of the world, when he subtly praises me. 

Not letting his emotions show through his guarded personality

I don’t know if i am obsessed with him or him with me

My complicated muse is he, really!

This post is inspired by:

The Daily Prompt: Muse

The Daily Prompt: Craving

The Daily Prompt: Praise

The Daily Prompt: Stubborn

The Daily Prompt: Paint

The Daily Prompt: Luxury

The Daily Prompt: Joke

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The Daily Prompt: Obsessed

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The Daily Prompt: Complicated

Day 15: Profound

If i had one word to describe myself i think profound would be it. Or better yet, if i wanted someone else to describe me, that’s the word i’d hope they use. There is so much depth and character to the word.

Most people who know me, acquaintances mainly, will probably describe me as amicable, friendly, bubbly, energetic, excited. Then the closer ones might call me crazy. Somewhere between carefree and crazy, i hope someone picks profound.

I could easily justify this by saying, my blog is a product of profoundness. How is that for a start?

This post is inspired by: The Daily Post: Profound