Burnt Breakfast!

Burnt Breakfast! I was having toast for breakfast on 23rd Oct 2015- over a year since i started this blog. When i saw the bread charred instead of toasted, i couldn’t help but smile. I found what could define my blog better than words. Also, see how i have bitten off the bread in the shape of the capital letter B. Come on, use some imagination! Have fun reading.

Burnt Breakfast… hmmm… who would want that early in the morning? Wouldn’t that ruin a seemingly perfect day?

The name Burnt Breakfast  stemmed from a deep proclivity towards alliteration, an idea of a cafe and the hope that this blog would become an antithesis to it’s name. I wish for it to become something that everyone would come to like, something that gives hope and puts that smile back on your face.  My posts are from observations and personal experience of a 20 something year old girl who loves to read, travel, meet people because it is in those chance meetings that strangers become friends.

I hope my blog is, a burnt breakfast that you’d want to start your day with because this burnt breakfast is being served with love.


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