It’s been over a year and i’ve been missing in action. I can, however, vouch for the fact that my life hasn’t been anything less than a power packed series. It’s been filled with meeting new people, graduating with the highest honors – like i aimed, death of a family member, giving a ton of interviews and finally being lucky enough to find a good fit and even luckier to be able to choose. Then came the moving cities, meeting more new people through work, learning the organizational culture, having lunches with the ladies, vacationing with the parents etc. It has truly been a year of many first for which i am very grateful.

I am also very thankful for the many opportunities. I will be celebrating my first year work anniversary soon and i have to say that a job can only become more than just a job because of it’s people. When teams are supportive and people got the right perspective, things become a heck of a lot easier. Knock on wood. I feel truly blessed. Blessed for the opportunity. Things have been working out in this unexplained way that i feel super duper mega lucky.

Now is the time to begin to pay it forward. To help another, if there’s any way i can.

Also, i feel inspired by people who truly believe in changing this world. This afternoon, one co-worker of mine came by my desk to talk to me about some positive feedback i had given about a new feature he worked to make happen. At the end of the conversation, he said, we need to keep chipping away. Progress in small steps. I smiled. It was an inspiring moment. One that made the clouds in my mind part and the sun shine directly inside my brain! He wasn’t aiming to change the world but he was, one simple step at a time, through his small actions that made a difference in the organization he worked for, which in turn would affect the products they put out into the market, which ultimately shall reach the consumers. He is also one of those people who is so passionate about what he does, it just flows out of him. He can talk about what he’s doing to improve things for a straight 30 minutes without taking a breath. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know such people. I hope i am always stay curious, passionate, excited and it shows!



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