Exquisite Marathon Invitation

I am at it again. Missing a few days of writing then using multiple prompts to help me build a story.

So Jan 15-17 are: Exquisite, Marathon, Invitation and to me they’re perfect in just that order.

Exquisite Marathon Invitation. Exquisite Marathon Invitation! I ponder and repeat those three words in my head a couple more times before it finally begins to make some sense and take some shape. First, I think about what the beginning of the year has been to me. It is something to do with hope, achievement, life improvement of all sorts and the want to shine and excel in everything i do. Sounds exquisite.

Second, it is definitely a marathon. I need to sustain it for 365 days – 17 since those have passed.

Third, the fact that my conscience keeps beckoning me to do better/ want to do better each day is an invitation.

Makes perfect sense, no?

The Daily Prompt: Jan 15- 17: Invitation


One thought on “Exquisite Marathon Invitation

  1. Got it. When I am on holidays I cannot do my blog so like you I also do prompt and photo challenges with so many compilations in one post and right now I just finished one, please check when you can. Thanks 🙂

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