Looking backward, looking forward

I am trying to think back 364 days. I had an amazing end to 2015 with a glitch that made it not so amazing and it carried on into 2016. Fortunately I had great teachers at school who hired me and that helped me financially. Then, I braved a blizzard spent six hours at a bus station waiting for my bus back to Rochester before I could finally move down to White Plains. When I think about it, it seems like small stuff, some of which I was sweating and some of which I decided not to sweat and that was good.

Personally, 2016 had a lot to offer and therefore it is imperative for me to chronicle this. 2016 in general taught me to watch for signs and read them. Though I am trying, I am no expert yet when it comes to reading signs.

Here’s what I learned in 2016 in no particular order

  1. People can be greedy. If you see signs of it – speak out or move away. Greed shows up in little things that might not be of any significance to you and just because you choose to ignore it, it doesn’t go away.
  2. People are willing to help you out. Especially if you genuinely want to learn something. All you have to do is ask. Ask even when you’re uncomfortable.
  3. Don’t think you know everything until you do. BE OPEN. You might be surprised as to how much you don’t know because you chose to shut down the other side before LISTENING. Listen for the sake of learning not for the sake of asking questions – someone once said. This goes for both older people (Parents, Teachers, Friends) and younger people (Siblings, Students, Friends)
  4. If you want something – make a goal, think about it often and then work towards it. My goal was to want to graduate with the highest possible honor and I am working towards it.
  5. Everyone’s time is valuable – including yours, if someone doesn’t respect it. You shouldn’t have any obligation to respect theirs. That doesn’t mean you show up 30 minutes late for the next meeting with them but let them know. Having said that, give of your time to others freely if you can.
  6. Have the foresight those friendships that are made fast can end as fast as they began. Everything of importance in life takes time and work. Everything is an investment that you’re either going to gain or lose. If good soil, sun and water in the right combination are not given to the plant – it won’t grow up to be what you hoped for. Also, some plants cannot be made into BONSAI (early 2015 lesson)
  7. Sometimes you will have to compromise and settle for less than the best. Is that the right thing to do? (I don’t have an answer to it yet)
  8. If you are truly passionate about something, it will show when you talk about it to others. You will be beaming and excited. Some aspects of it will make you angry but you know doing it is going to help you in the long run. So sometimes you have to suck up the bad parts because you know the reward and pain is worth it to gain something you love.
  9. Spend time with yourself – a lot. Go on long walks by yourself. It might give you an insight into you.

2016 has been a great year for me; the year has been so kind that it’s set the bar really high for 2017. I do hope good things happen this year, there’s hope for humanity and more good than bad comes out of this year. People in position of power will take steps to change the world for the better. Wars will hopefully end.

Now onto my personal list of goals for 2017

  1. Healthy eating, healthy living, leading a more active lifestyle.
  2. Keeping in touch with my friends and family on a more regular basis. Writing more handwritten letters and sending it to my friends across the world. Yes, my mission is to keep all postal services across the globe in business.
  3. Being intentional in all that I do. (Personal, professional, financial decisions) Deliberate and decide.
  4. Being more kind and humble.
  5. Doing my best at my job whatever it may be (Teaching Assistant, Student, Employee)
  6. Being slow to speak and slower to criticize.
  7. Learning a language and or a musical instrument or both.
  8. Reading more and watching more documentaries than popular sitcoms and series.

I am sure there is more on my personal list but these are the ones that encompass them all.

Wishing you all lots of joy, happiness, love, luck and health in 2017. I am ready for the next revolution around the sun, are you?


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