Achieving a tiny dream

About six months ago, i attended my friend’s graduation ceremony. As one of the spectators and a potential graduate student for the Class of 2017, i thought to myself – “Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to be up there on stage as a Graduate Student Delegate.” That thought stayed with me throughout the next six months.

I would be caught up in my work and classes and interviews but when i had a few quiet moments the desire to be the best would come to me. It made me aware of how badly i could want something. Of how badly, i really could want. Awareness of a desire.

Then in the following months, things unraveled in ways i never imagined and i happened to achieve the dream. The biggest hurdle/opportunity was The panel interview. I heard there were to be about 10-12 people in the room and the pressure seemed to build. I almost got late for that interview, thanks to a bus driver who was doing his job right and making sure the bus is safe to be driven around – safety checks and all. That’s when i let myself lean on my friend LM, who was kind enough to drive me to school. I had a few minutes before the interview started but i wanted to have enough time to drink some water before they locked me down. I sprinted across campus in heels. LM who watched me run thought it was really funny and said i ran like a penguin. The interview was great. My nerves were eased seeing DJ and MI, two professors i knew. I made them laugh, made them think but most of all, enjoyed myself. At the end of it, the outcome didn’t matter since i felt i gave my best and that i had a great time.

The big announcement happened on Wednesday. I made it and i was so thrilled.It was great and then MI invited me to a quick coffee + chat session to talk about the preparations for the big day. I had to write this note as a reminder of what a great, profound conversation we had about cultures, life, students, gratitude, countries, people, administration, religion and food, parents, weddings, and at the end of it we ran out of time but not out of topics to talk about.

Safe to say- one dream’s been achieved but many more are still to be dreamed up in my sleep or while i am awake and then there’s going to take a lot of work to achieve those. Stay positive, stop and smell the flowers, keep dreaming.


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