The last of

Tomorrow is the last day of my last exam of my last semester of my Masters Program. I feel terrific, anxious about what’s to come, happy that my friends are graduating and sad all the same. This semester has given me the opportunity to explore my potential as a Teaching Assistant. I have loved every moment of trying to teach a group of 20 odd students how to use certain lab equipment. I hope i have done a good job, i often wonder to myself. I know i have probably let them down a few times (missing lab because i overslept, not being able to answer their questions always) but overall i think i have grown as a person.

I have become friends with a lot of my students, it has been so amazing. Especially in the past two weeks, my friend T (without whom grad school is unthinkable) and L (one of my students) and I have become such a dream team. Staying up late in the lab – overnight as well but having fun all the same and getting work done. I probably won’t have the opportunity to do that again for school. Not anytime soon i think.

It’s just been great and i am beginning to see myself transforming this blog of mine into a collection of all the good things in my life because I have a lot to be thankful for. Earlier this evening was my last Zumba session for the year. I started Zumba in August in an attempt to finally lead a healthier more active lifestyle. After what was an amazing session of dancing to be fit, i walked back to the locker room and realized that i not only learned new ways to be active but also have now become an expert combination lock opener. At the beginning of this semester, i could barely open that lock but now i can do it so fast and do it right.

I guess God is in the details. It’s been a great year and i am excited about the next few days until the close of the year and also hoping that 2017 will be as good if not better.


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