Catching Up

Hello Everyone,

Sorry it’s been about two month since my last post. The goal was to create a habit to write daily and needless to mention, i’ve fallen short. It worked for a while when i was on vacation but now since school has started, the pressure is building and i am going from one deadline to the next for projects and assignments, homework and exams.

There have been quite a few good things that have happened in the past weeks, I am working hard to try to get where i want to be. My college department is supportive of me. I have a great network of friends. I was down in NYC last weekend and i had a great time with a friend walking around Central Park on Saturday and the high line on Sunday. The weather was great Saturday but was cold on Sunday.

I am looking forward to new beginnings when i am done with my degree. I will be looking for a job and building my life from there. I hope all of you are doing well and life is taking you places you want to go. I truly believe that if you want something badly enough, you will get it no matter how bleak the situation seems at this moment.

Therefore, this post is to just say yes, i am trying to catch up with blogging regularly and that i haven’t forgotten you and i am thankful for the network and support of fellow bloggers and readers. It means much to me. Many times, when something happens – my first instinct is to want to write about it. Record it so that it shall stay in my memory forever but usually something like that happens in the middle of a busy day where i am running from one place to the next and so i put it off for later but it never happens until i sit down and consciously try to jot everything down. By the time i get to writing, the raw emotions have faded and now only a silhouette of what i had been feeling.

I will try to write more regularly. For now i am just grateful for everything and everyone in my life.

Take care y’all.




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