Day 29: Carry

He was a kid, always carried around by his mom

As he grew older, he learned to carry his little car around

Slowly, it was books and their size grew bigger

Each passing year

After years of lugging those big things around

It was time for something new

Then came the work laptop and the smart phone


Both of which never left his side day or night.

He would be disconnected

But yet always connected.

Message him and he’d respond under less than five

He didn’t realize the weight he was carrying around

The responsibility and expectations slowly increased

Till one day, the phone died.

There was nothing he could do.

No emails he could respond, no messages he could reply to

All he had was a phone that was on life support when connected to the charger

Dead otherwise.

He spent five days without the phone

No need for constantly checking to see if his friends commented on their silly thread on facebook

Nor the need to check WhatsApp for texts by ones who love him

Right now all he carries with him

Are all his whims and fancies

He is not being tracked

He is free!


This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Carry


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