Day 28: Confused

She looks at herself in the mirror

She is meeting a friend for dinner

She doesn’t know if she should let her hair down

Or tie it up

She is momentarily confused.


They go to dinner

She looks at the menu

There’s so much food and they all sound great.

Some have pictures too

She is hungry and confused.


She goes to the super market to shop

All she wants is milk

But what stares back at her is no fat, low fat, 1%, 2%, skimmed, full fat.

Once again, she is frustrated and confused.


She sits in class

The professor says – It is a team project

She has two good friends she’d like to work with

But all she can do is pick one

This time she’s torn and confused.


She likes him, or she thinks she does

He says he likes her too, maybe

To her, his actions and words don’t add up

With him, she’s helplessly confused.


She applies for jobs

They both are great offers

One is more money the other is more freedom

They’re both big names and she likes them both

She is stressed and confused.


In all these situations,

With some amount of thinking

She usually comes to a decision

But when she thinks to herself,

She feels she is perpetually – Confused!


This post is inspired by : The Daily Prompt: Confused


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