Day 16-27:My Complicated Muse

Yes, yes, i know this is cheating. I promised to be blogging continuously, albeit at my own pace for 21 days because i wanted this to be a 21 day challenge. I read in some books that doing anything for 21 days helps you set that into a habit and once you get into the habit of doing something it is difficult to fall back into your old ways. I know that i just cannot say day 16 – day 27 and not write for 12 days but since i’ve missed writing given my travels away and vacation coming to an end, friends to meet and fun to have – i decided to just club 12 words and use them in one single post. That way i catch up with the daily prompt in a more effective manner than retroactively tagging the topics given.

The words: Muse, Craving, Praise, Stubborn, Paint, Luxury, Joke, Maybe, Surface, Obsessed, Reach, Complicated.

I think to myself, what a bouquet of words. Looking at them i know where my mind wants to take me. So i have an impish smile as i type:

My Complicated Muse is he

It probably started as a joke, maybe

And years later we still crave each other’s company

He is so stubborn and so am i, bullish in our own ways

When i think of him, i sigh!

How we can be beautiful and cold all the same

He has always been out of reach

Just being in the same space- is  luxury

Under the surface a lot bubbles

We try to shield each other from life’s troubles

He paints a pretty picture of the world for me

I am on top of the world, when he subtly praises me. 

Not letting his emotions show through his guarded personality

I don’t know if i am obsessed with him or him with me

My complicated muse is he, really!

This post is inspired by:

The Daily Prompt: Muse

The Daily Prompt: Craving

The Daily Prompt: Praise

The Daily Prompt: Stubborn

The Daily Prompt: Paint

The Daily Prompt: Luxury

The Daily Prompt: Joke

The Daily Prompt: Maybe

The Daily Prompt: Surface

The Daily Prompt: Obsessed

The Daily Prompt: Reach

The Daily Prompt: Complicated


6 thoughts on “Day 16-27:My Complicated Muse

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