Day 14: Apology

The act of apologizing and forgiving is one of the most profound things about human existence. Yet, i find apologizing one of the most irreverent acts especially when people apologize time and again and then create the same problems over and over or make the same mistakes again.

It doesn’t make sense to me why, someone would say something really mean to you and then apologize the next instant. I think by nature a lot of people like to stir the pot. Not to say that stirring the pot is a bad thing to do but i do believe some people’s intentions are pure evil.

That is why, i am ticked off when people apologize for seemingly trivial things. Many times, you/I can see through apologies that are just so insincere. Why apologize then? Have you ever faced a situation like this? Let me know because it has got me thinking.


This post is inspired by: The Daily Post: Apology


One thought on “Day 14: Apology

  1. Oh, I totally understand that! I had an old friend of mine apologize for doing something and admit that he was currently doing the very same thing to me as we spoke. Why even bother saying you’re sorry???

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