Day 11: Wind

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change

These are the lyrics of a popular song called “Wind of Change” by the band Scorpions.

In my own life, one thing that literally drives me nuts is bureaucracy. Bureaucracy -such that makes simple tasks complicated. A thing that needs to be done, requires you to go from one office to another, from one window to another, speak to five different people who then finally direct you the person you should have been speaking to all this time.

It bugs me! I exclaim to my friend. In return, he says, “That is cultural, it will take a generation shift to change that.” And while on most good days, i agree with my friend with a “nod and a smile”. Today i am not in the mood to nod or smile. “These are well educated people, i am dealing with.People who hold mid senior level designations in multi-national companies”. I retort back, fuming.

Here’s a short list of things i am sick and tired of in no particular order

  1. Leakage in my house
  2. Pothole ridden roads and traffic snarls in the rains, all across Mumbai
  3. Double standards and hypocrisy
  4. Rising intolerance
  5. Increasing cost of education
  6. Bad hygiene and sanitation issues
  7. Economic disparity
  8. Bad, overpriced food
  9. Overpriced, branded clothes
  10. My ability to sit on my @** and do nothing about them and then complain!


It’s time i did something. It’s time i became, that Wind of change!

This post is inspired by : The Daily Prompt: Wind


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