Day 10: Unstoppable

Before i proceed to the post itself today, i have a confession. While i am enjoying writing to each and every prompt of the daily post, following it to the T, i must admit that i haven’t been writing everyday. I write three days, break  for two. I think i will still count it as progress since i’ve been writing more than i usually would. 

When i think of the word “Unstoppable”, i am now thinking politics. Much of what is happening in India and the U.S. is very similar.There is growing intolerance. People globally are becoming less tolerant. I am drawing parallels since i have lived in both countries and like them both for what they are. Just for being the two awesome countries they are, both, democracies. Then i think about the ruling party in India and the result of the subsequent elections in the United States. Whoever wins, be it the Republicans or the Democrats. Will it mean they’d be unstoppable?

Come to think of it, when a party comes into power due to a landslide vote, does them make them invincible? The answer is, I do not know but i think of it often!

This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Unstoppable


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