Day 6: Clock

Tick, tick, tick, tick – the hands of my watch go.

Yes, I am one of those old fashioned analog watch wearing people. One of those, who feels weird when a strap doesn’t clasp my wrist. I like watching the seconds hand go round and round and gradually make the minute hand move. Come to think of it, it’s like tiny actions that when put together make a big difference or yield a great result.

I am always an advocate of trying. However insignificant the problem be. My first argument with anyone is, “Did you even try?” Of course, I myself am the one who procrastinated. Even today. I had big plans to drive around the city, go around town, get some paper work sorted and i fell short. I didn’t wake up and none of those other things happened.

Instead, i somehow feel i am qualified enough to give gyaan  (knowledge) on my humble blog. So here i am typing away on my keyboard – tap, tap, tap.

While the clock watches me whiling away my time slowly and surely as it goes tick, tick, tick.


This post is inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Clock


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