Day 5: Punishment

one tight slap

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In today’s day, slapping a child is unacceptable and in certain parts of the world your child has the power to complain to the police against you for physical abuse. Luckily, back when i was a kid, the mentality was more that of “spare the rod and spoil the child” and i can safely say, it was that way for generations before me.

She was less than 10 years old,

She was up to some mischief that particular day

What did not help was that she always carried

A mischievous grin on her face.

That’s just the expression she carried

Her personality was nothing like it

She was calm & demure at 10.

She was also a stubborn kid, bullish in her ways

If she couldn’t be convinced with logic

She wouldn’t be convinced at all.

This was just one of those days

Her mother, couldn’t fight the logic battle

She sought he husband’s help

In getting this obstinate little girl

To mend her ways.

For the first time,

her father decided to give her one tight slap.

The little girl couldn’t fathom

What called for a punishment of this sort.

Once again, her logical self

This time, demanded an explanation

The father, thought about it

and realized he had no reason to have used force on the little one

She crawled under the table to weep silently

He on the other hand

Sat on the couch

Dealing with his own conscience punishing him

For slapping his little daughter with little forethought


This post has been inspired by: The Daily Prompt: Punishment


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