Day 3: Carefree

When i think of the word carefree, i am taken back to my childhood days. When i didn’t know that rent was a thing. Food was always prepared by mom and dad would take you on his motorbike/scooter wherever you needed to go. Cars were relatively less commonplace than today and the only thing that really mattered was who is going to catch in the game of catch and cook.

Days  when you didn’t have to watch every word you spoke. Friends and alliances were formed and broken over two rounds of hide and seek and all would be well again, the next evening. Days when you didn’t have to weigh every word you typed for the fear of  being judged or misinterpreted due to a misplaced punctuation mark.

Carefree also has a lot to do with freedom of every kind. That which our world, sadly, has less patience for today!

This post has been inspired by The Daily Prompt: Carefree




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