Day 2: Depth

Today is one of those weird days. I sit and think about all that i have to put in order before the 10th of next month. I need to have a place to move in to, finances for my final semester and in general get myself to be more fit.

I tend to think a lot, analyze and introspect and the more i think the deeper i go into it. Then i think about all the things that are wrong with the world and all the things that should be right and how it could but it isn’t. As my Spidey friend says, “The Rabbit hole runs deep”. It is like the Matrix Red Pill/ Blue Pill issue. You got to pick your battles wisely.

Then there’s all the stuff in the depths of your heart. Dreams, desires, goals – all the stuff you share/ don’t share with people in the hope they shall/ shall not understand. At the very core all of us look for happiness. Sometimes happiness is in everyday mundane things. Sometimes it is in just a fleeting moment captured but sometimes it is letting go of your fears that reside in the depths of your heart. Things that have been suppressed too long that you forget about them.

Better yet, it is accepting who you are deep inside and on the outside – flaws, flab and all.

This post has been inspired by The Daily Prompt: Depth


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