Day 1: Feast

Hello World,

I hope you’re doing somewhat better in the wake of the Nice attack, Turkish coup, Pokemon Go frenzy and Donald Trump officially winning the GOP as a Republican Candidate. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you’d know i always write about wanting to write more. What better time would it be than to start now.

In a recent conversation with my oldest friend from pre-school days, we came to the following conclusions:

  1. It is never too late to begin anything.
  2. The toughest and most intimidating part is starting something new by yourself.

So, in view of these wise words, i decided to start doing the things i have put off, not for the lack of time but for want of a better time (read: shubh muhurat) to begin and the so called “shubh muhurat” never arrived because “Tomorrow never comes”.

Anyway, i finally decided to start blogging regularly. It takes 21 days to form a habit, i am going to write for 21 days, if it works and i manage to make it a habit, i will go for 365. Go big or go home as my cousin retorts, in context to almost anything. So, i am beginning with the 365 days one word prompts on The Daily Post

Reason: It will force me to think and write about subjects i wouldn’t:

  1. Think of
  2. Deem blog worthy

Today’s word prompt is Feast. Being an Indian, feasts are a very real part of our culture. Almost anything calls for a feast and now that i am on vacation mode – everyday is a feast for me. Especially coming back from the dark days of having to cook and clean for myself. Now, being served mom’s fish curry rice or even the humble dal chawal are literally a feast for me. Don’t even get me started when biryani is prepared. That’s like the Mother of all feasts.

Then the other half is the feast of senses, the burst of colours, typical only to India. Go outside in the rains and if the clothes of people don’t make you realize this then try looking at their every colour umbrellas. I think this aspect was well portrayed in Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend video. It is vibrant but more endearing because of the kaali peeli (black & yellow) taxi.




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