The fire burns

In the dark of the night

The fire burns bright

When it’s broad daylight

It hides from plain sight.

This fire isn’t new,

It was always there.

Waiting to shine

With all it’s might.

There are times in life, when things make sense and when they don’t. There are times when you finally open up to something you’ve known about yourself all along but never gone with your gut because something stopped you. It could have been a self defeating thought and you might have suppressed that inner desire so much so that you forgot all about it for days, weeks, months or even years. But then one day, you come face to face with something and that repressed thought surfaces. It comes out of the abyss it was in for so long. It is now like an open wound and it demands attention. You cannot hide it or suppress it anymore. You just have to do what your heart tells you to do. There’s no fear of what others might think, say or do.

You go with the flow. Your cheeks are pink with blood gushing. You cannot contain the excitement. You want to be there already.

That! is how i feel about travelling. I am dizzy with excitement taking the local trains. Going to a new place. Walking five blocks without a rhyme or reason. The hope of an adventure and the uncertainty that something extra ordinary might happen is just too difficult to ignore. On most days nothing extra ordinary happens.

I usually just run into the same old man going for his morning walk when i leave for work but hey, that’s cool too!

The fire in me that’s burning right now, is one of the want to travel and while i prepare to go home for the summer, the heart yearns to go to places unexplored. That’s pretty much 80% of my country. I am excited. I cannot wait.




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