A time to review & renew promises

Today was an awesome day. I almost got late to work and to save face i Uber-ed it. I was invited last night by someone i met at another conference to attend her company’s book launch. It was about trend watching & trend spotting. Luck put me in the best team, team #5 with the five of us brainstorming on the next big trend driven innovation we will come up with for the “Swatch” brand. I came up with a few lame ideas but our team had so much fun doing the exercise. We pitched our ideas and were the classic underdogs that won. We all got a copy of the book for Free.

As i was joking earlier tonight,”This is the first time i have EVER won a book.” I think winning is inherently an exhilarating experience but Winning a book? That’s stuff dreams are made of.

That was my rant for the day and the post is not over. This is just me taking stock of all the 20 tall promises i made to do different things or do things differently for myself this year.

  1. Explore local eateries – wherever i am. Rochester, NYC, wherever. (In progress)
  2. Work hard, Save money – To be able to do #1 (Trying hard, getting almost nowhere)
  3. Give my all to whatever i do – Be it the most insignificant thing (Getting better at this, knock on wood)
  4. Be less distracted – by my phone. i) I disabled WhatsApp notifications and i am beginning to see the advantages already; ii) Decrease Facebook usage to the point that i won’t need it anymore. (Still using fb through the browser and i know that’s technically cheating but at least i am not checking my phone each time there is a notification. As for WhatsApp, disabling notifications has also decreased my expectation of a response from others)
  5. Travel places  – local & global (Local, local, NYC subway system rocks!!!)
  6. Learn a language – (Trying Italian)
  7. Learn more about cultures apart from my own, learn more about my culture. (ON HOLD)
  8. Help people without expecting anything in return – This has been a WIP for a while now. (ON HOLD)
  9. Eat fresh, eat healthy – I’ve been off cheeseburgers since 28th November 2015 and i hope this streak continues. I pray for wisdom and will power that i may not buckle under pressure. – Still off Cheeseburgers and it feels great, have been eating a lot of salad & Yogurt- (because it’s free)
  10. Worry less about people (who don’t matter so much) I realized this when i was obsessing about one of my friends and having a conversation with V, i quote his exact words “XYZ is inconsequential, this time last year XYZ was a stranger to you.” V made me realize i got the best Christmas gift – the realization of how important my family is to me, something most people forget in their own busy lives. Have stopped obsessing about people and things as much as i used to, am beginning to feel a lot calmer.
  11. Taking from V’s words – “It’s okay to feel crappy (sometimes), it won’t last long“. This knowing that all days in a year are not sunshine and butterflies. Peace \m/
  12. Exercise and get healthy. Hahahahah, still the toughest one on my list.
  13. Study hard, get a real job, pay loans back, graduate with the highest honors possible – summa cum laude, if i may!  This gotta wait till i am back in school but this one freaks me out the most.
  14. Be more positive in my outlook – Frankly, this realization came in 2013 – 2014 through a kick up my rump and i think i really needed it, to make me realize how lucky i was/am. So 2014 onwards i think i have become more positive as a person and as years go on, i hope to become better at it. WIP WIP WIP
  15. Smile more. It actually works. I have been smiling a lot.
  16. Daydream and then go on to make those dreams a reality. No time to daydream, work keeps me busy.
  17. Go home (actual home) – Tickets booked, July, yippiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  18. Criticize less. Holding my tongue is difficult but i have begun to.
  19. Take breaks. Weekends are my unwind time

On that note… It’s break time. Oh wait….And of course, the one thing that goes without saying is –

20.Blog often! – Still blogging


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