We met after ages

It’s been a decade since i met him. I didn’t know anything about his story. We were school mates. I cannot even say school friends. We sat together on the same bench in 7th grade but i wanted out. I couldn’t stand him. We were never buddies. When 10th grade results were out i was hoping i didn’t have to see him along with many others again. I took admission in a not so great junior college and i was surprised when he, along with a bunch of other people i thought i left behind walked in.

It’s been a decade since we graduated high school. I didn’t think i’d care enough to see him. We both moved abroad, to different states and then one day, it dawned on me that we are geographically closer than we knew and then i moved even closer. After what was weeks of discussing and trying to plan an evening to catch up, we finally did. This Friday night.  This time we instantly connected, it wasn’t so difficult. Things changed and now we were talking about things we agreed on than disagreed on. Then he reminded me that there was one other friend around. We called her and she showed up gladly.

I used to be good friends with her at one point but then we lost touch. It’s been 12 years since i saw her. She came to the US, graduated her Masters and is now settled in a good job and married. I was happy to see her as well. We spoke about the fun times, which class we were in. Who our teachers were? All the school gossip came out over a few rounds of  beer. There was nothing to hide.These were the people who grew up with me, who i grew up with. We all moved on in our lives.

I certainly wasn’t clued in to their story and they weren’t clued into mine either but that is alright for we now know that it is easy to reconnect. I do hope we all stay friends forever and that each time we meet, it is a celebration of all that we are and have achieved and become.



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