People are replaceable

Oh my gosh, you’re such a mean person, would have been my standard reply not so long ago had someone said to me that people are completely replaceable. Of course I don’t mean family and childhood friends. No, no. Definitely not. But people you meet later in life usually are.
Case in point are a lot of people I became close to either due to work or school or work. We became acquaintances first. Friends later and I really perceived them as friends only to realize most relationships are about convenience. Not to say I was never at fault but that’s the gory inconvenient truth. Then something happened. It’s called a difference of opinion and bam, all of a sudden life is different. These so called friends disappear into thin air.

You probably wonder what happened, feel bad for a bit but then eventually move on and if you’re someone like me you know I have the attention span of a three year old. *Ironic because I am a day away from turning a year older.* So yes, I feel bad, I wonder and then I move on. To new places, things, food and every other experience that calls out to me and just like that I find myself excited, happy and passionate about all things I love.
It’s not worth wasting your time, not even a moment on the past because there’s so much of future turning into the present and if you aren’t quick enough your future will become your past before you know it, got it?

Therefore, people are replaceable. Places, events are probably not. 🙂 Enough said. Go do your thing.


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