I want it all

Just this morning I was having an animated discussion with my professor on the good and not so good things last year offered me. Minutes before this I was talking to a friend of mine Eee, who I have come to know as a friend more than a person in authority. Eee is friendly and one of the nicest people I’ve known since I came to this country.

Eee shared some details of life and just listening to them gave me a gut wrenching feeling. I’ve known that feeling, it’s happened to me on multiple occasions since I came back from my trip to Italy. Some days, I really didn’t want to get out of my bed. What Eee said today were some powerful words.

I deserve better

I know it will get better.

These two simple sentences made me feel like I’ve been a fool myself. I thanked Eee and wished her well. I pray things work out in her favor this year. I am hopeful and mine too.
I am glad I have always known strong women in my life – my grandmothers, my mom, aunts, friends, sisters. This one is to you because just like you all even I want it all.


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