It’s a new day, it’s a new start

“It’s a new world,

it’s a new start,

it’s alive with the beating of (a young heart)

It’s a new day

and a new plan….

I’ve been waiting for you (2016)

Here I am…” crooned Bryan Adams many years ago, not knowing his song would be interpreted many years later by a girl (me) in this way. Sure it is a love song and my love for myself just increased by leaps and bounds the moment the date changed. No, i am not a narcissist and i learned that there is no harm in some self love. After what happened to be the most boring Christmas ever, spent in the company of myself rife with Hallmark home production movies. I was ready to give up on the holiday season. As my previous post suggests, i almost turned into the Grinch, save for the last days at office – where i met my friends and talking to them kept me going.

Then i actually began looking forward to the new year. Few friends were kind P,R,S took me along to the New Year’s Eve dinner they’d been invited to. It was an excellent experience. Thanks to E, i finally learned how to play foosball and another card game. I was home by 22:10 and stayed up to do the countdown by myself and listened to a recording of Auld Lang Syne. It’s been over a year and a few months since i arrived in Rochester and i still haven’t explored this place. If one were to ask me the best places to eat here, i’d have no idea and would probably direct them to another fellow blogger’s blog that’s all about great places and events around the city but now, i wanted to explore and figure them out for myself.

So here’s are some reminders, guidelines, things to do in the next few days and hopefully keep up throughout the year:-

  1. Explore local eateries – wherever i am. Rochester, NYC, wherever.
  2. Work hard, Save money – To be able to do #1
  3. Give my all to whatever i do – Be it the most insignificant thing
  4. Be less distracted – by my phone. i) I disabled WhatsApp notifications and i am beginning to see the advantages already; ii) Decrease Facebook usage to the point that i won’t need it anymore.
  5. Travel places  – local & global
  6. Learn a language
  7. Learn more about cultures apart from my own, learn more about my culture.
  8. Help people without expecting anything in return – This has been a WIP for a while now.
  9. Eat fresh, eat healthy – I’ve been off cheeseburgers since 28th November 2015 and i hope this streak continues. I pray for wisdom and will power that i may not buckle under pressure.
  10. Worry less about people (who don’t matter so much) I realized this when i was obsessing about one of my friends and having a conversation with V, i quote his exact words “XYZ is inconsequential, this time last year XYZ was a stranger to you.” V made me realize i got the best Christmas gift – the realization of how important my family is to me, something most people forget in their own busy lives.
  11. Taking from V’s words – “It’s okay to feel crappy (sometimes), it won’t last long“. This knowing that all days in a year are not sunshine and butterflies.
  12. Exercise and get healthy.
  13. Study hard, get a real job, pay loans back, graduate with the highest honors possible – summa cum laude, if i may!
  14. Be more positive in my outlook – Frankly, this realization came in 2013 – 2014 through a kick up my rump and i think i really needed it, to make me realize how lucky i was/am. So 2014 onwards i think i have become more positive as a person and as years go on, i hope to become better at it.
  15. Smile more. It actually works.
  16. Daydream and then go on to make those dreams a reality.
  17. Go home (actual home)
  18. Criticize less.
  19. Take breaks.

On that note… It’s break time. Oh wait….And of course, the one thing that goes without saying is –

20.Blog often!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 – i wish you family, i wish you friends but most of all i wish you well!


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