Tale of a busy week

I’ve had a crazy week. From the last post which was a manifestation of two incidents and some distractions, i had a lot of  stuff to get through- complete my homework, give some co-op job interviews, attend workshops. This apart from meeting a friend and spending a little while on a Sunday morning, eating together, only to then go back to the library and work until the wee hours of Monday morning.

In all of this, my constant support off late has been Agent J. Agent J is cool as a cucumber and is a chaotic combination of careful and carefree. We both help and motivate each other to study, constantly excel in our own  personal/ professional lives and try to be each other’s best and worst critic. Critique, i think comes naturally to me and if the person on the opposite side is someone i care enough about, i would be at my chiding best. We’re quite like Men in Black with the only exceptions that i am a woman, of course and we probably aren’t as cool as Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, or are we? We’ve spent hours working in the library, studying for quizzes, working on projects (life projects and school projects) while gorging on gummy bears and gulping coffee.

Agent J seems to be starkly opposite personality wise, almost sometimes making me realize there are more ways than just mine. Letting me know that there are those who do it differently than me and are doing as well or better than me. Sometimes i agree, sometimes i disagree. Hanging out with J, has taught me a lot. It has made me curious about things i otherwise wouldn’t pay attention to. It makes me question my desires and motives for what i do and why i do them my way.

I think everyone should have one friend like that. Someone you can have a good time with, sit in silence with each other and just focus on what you have to do. There is no need for constant talk. We tried using pomodoro techniques to boost our productivity and it worked in the beginning but then a few days into it ,we realized we wouldn’t need it. Just by sitting in each other’s presence in the library signaled our brains to work.

We spent a portion of our time in the library last night watching Bradley Cooper in Limitless, the movie. It was great fun especially to destress after what’s been a huge week for both of us, in our own ways. Today, we had dinner together and are back in the library, doing our own thing. As i look over my shoulder to check, Agent J is probably responding to one of the pretty girls he knows while i am here, completing the blog post i started this morning.

For now i feel calm, content but most of all, sleepy.


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