Living life with Lanyards

My first experience with a lanyard was when I was a girl scout in school and that lanyard held a whistle. It made all of us girls so proud to be in the esteemed group of people whose motto was “Be prepared.” Life has changed since. My second one was when i joined my first company at work. I got them in every different color possible – a red badge (visitors), yellow – temporary, green – Company employee visiting another site and blue – full-time employee. The color codes are similar across most companies with maybe a little switch in one or two. I loved every moment of the transition of it. From the time I was reddie (I just invented that, ingenious) to the time I was all blue. It was a great experience and I was glad that they saw potential in me. Even though I wasn’t promoted levels, the changing color of the lanyard was promotion enough for me.

Then suddenly, there were days when the lanyard made be begin to feel that I was on a leash. The lanyard that once gave me joy began to make me feel claustrophobic.That’s when I started thinking about my freedom and all that I wanted to achieve in life. I had to let my shiny blue “apple of my eye” lanyard go. Despite having worked so hard to achieve it and ultimately I did. I gave up the blue in exchange for a red. Along with the lanyard went away most of the love and adulation, respect that came with it. Wearing the red humbled me, it took me back to the first time I ever donned the red – with all excitement. This time I wasn’t excited, I was sad. Sad about having to let go but I was hopeful and I was hoping I learned my girl scout lesson of being prepared well!

After all this I came to the US to pursue my Masters and the first ever lanyard I was offered was that of my apartment. The rent was steep but the house was sprawling and beautiful. Me and my roommate made that house a home, filling it with all love and warmth we could and sometimes mess too! (College kids!) The second lanyard was because I joined the Catholic community on campus – it was a bright orange and black lanyard with the words Newman Community and a tiger paw representative of RIT. It’s been one year and the lanyard is going strong. I had to let go of the black home lanyard when I chose not to renew my lease for the year, they asked me if I wanted to keep it but I have learned over time, letting go means letting go completely and so I gave it away.

Then came the lanyard from co-op. It is a plain green lanyard that detaches at the back, nothing fancy. Almost boring, in fact but this is a lanyard that gave me the opportunity to explore the other side of my industry. Look at things differently, see how things are done in other places and a zillion ways to do the same thing. To learn that taking time to perfect what you do is not a crime. Taking time is important to give your best because pearls and diamonds take time to be transformed. Also, I added a cool retractable thing for my badge. This to me signifies stretching to the best of my abilities, doing more and exploring things/places/people I wouldn’t otherwise have.

Finally, yet another orange and black lanyard from RIT Newman to hold my next set of house keys. I think of this one as a one of transition. A one that signifies harmony of the four ladies including me that live in our apartment. It signifies the bonds of friendship we have begun forging with each other. In the past one year, i have dealt with four lanyards but these are all on my terms. Sometimes, you gotta throw away lanyards, other times you gotta live with them. Right now for me, living with my lanyards is a pretty good way to live!

Until next time, stay happy!

My lanyards

My lanyards


One thought on “Living life with Lanyards

  1. “In the past one year, i have dealt with four lanyards but these are all on my terms.” Beautiful piece, love the analogy of lanyards, and the imagery of colours. In the end, dealing with all on our terms is what we can control and is meaningful! 🙂

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