Random conversations that spark the mind

I love conversations. Safe to say that i live for them. It always interests me how people can have varying opinions on matters both trivial and important. Today was one such day when i had the opportunity to just sit back, relax and talk to my friends from school. We literally did nothing but talk. About ideas, about how to make things better for others (yes, i have a few friends who are quite noble) and basically get nothing out of it but mental satisfaction, at least for a while. As we kept discussing ideas in depth – we were trying to assess pros and cons and help our buddy see both sides of the coin. For once, we weren’t being selfish either.

All the while i kept trying to give him my pearls of wisdom, each word uttered from my mouth took me back to all the things i ever wished to do for myself. I have tons and tons of wishes and things on my to do list. Travelling being a very high priority one and a lot of things i seem to want to do require two things in good measure a) Money b) Dedication. As a college kid- money is always fleeting and dedication…. I need to improve, sooner the better.This feeling of having so much to do kept spinning in my head so much that i couldn’t sleep till 4am. At 4:30am i gave up and decided to come write because it seems to be the only way to silence my mind – Take it all out and then it’s done. It’s a memory i can revisit whenever i want to and it is permanent – at least till some internet doomsday comes along.

So here i am writing this, so that we all who feel this can read/revisit this post of mine and remember that we don’t need only the New Year’s day to be able to do something new and awesome. It just takes one step and they say that it is the first step that is the toughest. Once done, everything else is easy, follows suit and becomes second nature. So i am up, failed to sleep, it’s almost 5:15am and i am through with this post. Sorry to all my friends who have started following me due to the exercises on Blogging 101, i really wanted to keep myself going with it but it seems to me that i will be going at a much slower pace than a post per day and i think i’d like to take my time to do so. Also, juggling a new job, moving houses and side projects can get in the way on weekdays – but i promise to keep writing albeit slowly.

It’s 5:15 now, i think i ll start with one of the few things close to my heart. Biking. Gotta go clean my bike and take it for a spin around town. Have a great Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Random conversations that spark the mind

  1. Great post! I’m also far behind on blogging 101 and feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. Like you I shall do it at my pace for something is better than nothing. As for things on your to do list, they will happen, take it one step at a time and you’ll achieve them. Good luck:)

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