A new Journey— it starts all over again

Being in school, all over again was a conscious decision. After having worked in the corporate industry for about three and a half years and being disillusioned, you come to realize that dream companies are not what they look like on the television screen. Reality is a lot different. Vision and mission statements are always well framed pieces of literature carefully crafted to make you look good out there – in front of your competitors, your potential employees and the world in general.

That’s when i decided i wanted to go back to school. I love my line of work and even though i quit my earlier job i have enough love for the work i did to study further in the field and am excited to join the industry again. I am at the threshold of college life. One foot firmly planted in school while the other being carefully placed in my co-op. I begin next week and it is a new journey. One that i have been waiting to embark on from the past six months. All the while also being involved in activities and communities on campus, my department in college, meeting new people, trying out things i have never done before, challenging myself. I also hope to keep blogging regularly and get better at writing. I need to discover my passions and i am ready to go to any lengths to find out 🙂


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