A seed is planted

Hi Everyone,

This isn’t my first blog. I started my first one on blogpost about  7 years ago and while a lot of my friends made the switch from blogpost to WordPress pretty quickly, i decided to only start a WordPress blog when i am more serious about blogging. I had been thinking about business ideas when one day, i came up with the term “burnt breakfast.” It had nothing to do with anything  but i liked the words because they reflected one of my favorite figures of speech – “Alliteration”. That was when the seed was planted. The name was there but i had no use for it. I made the switch about a year ago and the name fit – just like that. I didn’t have to worry about the name. My worry was content.

I was dedicated for the first few weeks but work and school have a way of catching up with you and while i have blogged, it has not been as regular as i had hoped it would be. I wanted to start blogging more seriously. I have always been someone who tends to blog out of observations or feelings. I have to feel something strongly to be able to blog. That is something i want to change. It is good to feel something that moves you to write but i want to be able to write otherwise also. I want to be able to write at will.

I want to someday be able to write and publish a fiction novel. The journey from where i am today and where i want to be is long and i sense it is not going to be an easy one but i want to keep at it and strive to achieve that. This blog is therefore, more like a timestamp, with each post reminding me of a particular instance in life or the position i was in during that phase. As for those of you who don’t know me – i am an engineer by profession, an artist by nature and this blog is my canvas – blank and waiting for me to paint a beautiful picture for the world to see. a-thing-of-beauty-is-a-joy-forever15

Which is also why i don’t maintain a journal or personal diary. What i think and feel is for the world to see and connect with.I am Karen Aranha, i am here because i would like to make more time to read daily and push myself to write as well. New thoughts, refined thoughts, each day. Happy Blogging – let’s learn from each other and share in the common joy of putting the pen to paper.


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