Happy Birthday to me

Birthdays are called Happy for a reason.  I don’t think anything can give anyone more joy than just being surrounded by people who love them unconditionally (all weaknesses included). I am at loss of words because i feel lightheaded and loved at the same time. People always ask me – Wouldn’t have it been nicer to be born on Valentine’s? My reply has been the same throughout the years- I like it this way!

This is my second birthday away from home, while the previous one was a few hundred kms away, the place i am right now is a few thousand kms from home. The last birthday away from home was two years ago and i had Manisha and Anuj who gave me a little surprise in my hotel room. Last year, i was home and my cousin was over for a few days and my school chuddy buddy group came smashed cake on my face. I miss them dearly and i wish i could have them join every birthday celebration.

Things change, people move on in life and i did too. Change of country, people and situations. I am now supposed to be someone who is a responsible young woman. The choices i make directly impact my life now than it ever used to be. I crossed over to the late 20s now and it was beginning to weigh me down for the past week. I had my facebook notifications turned off so that those who didn’t remember wouldn’t be reminded. But, friends have their ways.

To begin with i have to first and foremost thank my parents, Adi N, Adi K , Tin Tin, Momo, Mani, Harit, Vivek for remembering me. Then come Abu, Ali, Ass (called me up from all the way), Shaun and Zoo. Finally the most important people, the stars of the show tonight… PB (my dearest roommate – ❤ ❤ ❤ forever, i cannot thank you enough for what you’ve done to make me feel special.)  Trina, Jassim, Amit and Chetan (who didn’t turn  up) – my Park Point family. Atul, who with Priyanka’s help wished me on facetime. Thank you for all the love, the birthday card and the awesomest cheesecake ever (with 12 candles).. You guys make every weekend fun. The one guy i detest the most but who has been a fun person to know and who has given me some solid advice when needed Varun Sundar, along with better half Atir, Classy PJ Master Chetty and the actual Puneri Thug Atram. My family from class – Tim (Dad/ teenage girl), Viggy (Kid 1) , Kiran (Kid 2/ Swaggie), DS (Wise Man) and Yang (My best girl friend in class) i can’t imagine attending class without you guys. You make classes worth attending and less painful and life worth living it up! As Tim would generally say YOLO! In no particular order  -Thanks for the 1. Yogurt, 2. Korean Foot Cream 3. Mondoro Sparkling wine 4. RELAX  (Pink + Blue Riesling) and 5. The still unopened Ruffino Sparkling wine. 6. The big birthday Cake (Cream + Chocolate) with 26 candles  7. The Scented Be Green Soy candle with the prettiest candle holder i have ever ever seen and 8. The Cheesiest most heart felt birthday card i have read till date.(Swaggie :D)

I was planning to keep my birthday a hush hush event. I wasn’t planning anything special, all i wanted was to keep it low key affair, just going about it as any other normal day but then again birthdays are special. Not only because you were born on that day xyz years ago but because of the people who choose to remember it.** Read again slowly** i used the word CHOOSE. Yes, in the age of technology, reminders and facebook is fantastic but there are some who will remember your special day despite and it is these people that make that day more meaningful than it ever could be. It is these family members and friends that make you realize what you have and how awesome it is to be you. There might have been days you were mean to them but on your special day they forget it and partake in the celebration, leaving all worries and disagreements behind.

I am not one of the very emotional people around but i did feel all sappy in my heart, my heart was filled with a lot of gratitude and joy and i almost felt like i could cry but stopped short. I am glad i study where i do because – where else can an American, a Chinese, a Korean and whole lot of Indians gang up to smear some cake and sing the Happy Birthday song for me? This blog post is dedicated to all you people who know me for all my flaws and love me despite.  I love you all too. At 26, i don’t think there is really much i can ask for except for the love you guys have showered on me because there are some things that money can’t buy after all and that is evoking emotions in the most pure form. Gratitude being one of the top most.

I just don’t think i can Thank you all enough and yet this is my attempt at putting my thoughts into words and trying to explain how i truly feel right now. Thank you all so much… I am blessed to have you guys around. Love you. This is just a start to my birthday, Cheers!


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