There are, oh so many moments in our life when we feel like as though we are stuck in Limbo. It happens to me often and i am not proud of it. I wonder if i am the only one who goes through this on a week on week basis. There are some days when the limbo feeling is special – like getting a call back from an interviewer – from the company you so badly want to work for, days just before your final grades are out, times when you are waiting by your phone constantly looking at it for a message from someone special, etc.

Then there are days when you push yourself into limbo. Days when you become a slacker, when you keep pushing things off till the very last minute. You know you are capable of so much and more but NO! you will just not budge. That is exactly what i did today. I cooked food – some really delicious stuff at that – fried chicken, mashed potatoes – comfort food of the best kind. I got my clothes washed and vacuumed the floor and yet nothing. I don’t feel like moving an inch. I might even get my clothes out of the dryer and fold everything else that has been lying on top of my dressing table and just about maybe clean my study table too.

I feel uninspired to work but i know i have to. I am surprised i am inspired enough and can find the time to write a blog post despite knowing i have a deadline and i need to get working. But i always find myself writing when i feel pressured the most. It is almost like the whistle of the pressure cooker going off and releasing all the steam it has been holding inside for it for a while and yet, when it comes to blogging, the words flow easily like butter on a hot pan. Come to think of it, the assignment is supposed to be a ton of words thrown on a blank page of MS word and needs to be turned in. Yet, it feels more difficult than moving mountains at this point. I think i need help. Any ideas, guys?


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