Silence & Gratitude

I hate long spells of silence. Especially when all you intend to do is really communicate to your heart’s content but end up waiting for the right moment. You don’t want to talk over the phone and you want to meet your friends and talk but it just doesn’t happen given the crazy schedule each one lives. I was hoping going to grad school would give me more time on my hands to do wonderful things like join some fun school clubs, blog at least once a week v/s once in three months or more.

The moment i arrived here in this new place, i expected a lot of changes and that is exactly what i got. Having to live with a roommate, cooking your own meals, worrying about grocery shopping on weekend. A list of some pretty darned interesting things i wouldn’t bother to do back home for the simple reason that all these “basic” needs were always taken care of by mom and dad. So, grad school has been fun so far except for the amount of assignments that you need to be doing – each one different from the other and more time consuming than the previous one. I am liking it. It is like i am living life on my own terms now. I choose to go to school, i choose whether or not i eat chicken for my meals today, I choose whom to speak with and whom to ignore. ( BTW … if i am ignoring someone, there is always a very good explanation as to why)

I must say, i have met some great people here. People of different age groups – some as old as my parents. They were people who chose to be kind to me. People who invited me for dinner with them, people who i meet by virtue of hanging around or walking past the same place each day around the same time. My roommates are pretty cool too, my friends from India who go to the same school as I do. My friend who is my partner in crime for almost everything we decide to do on campus to being my ride back home after a tiring day at school. I want to dedicate this blog post to all the great people i have met at RIT so far and those whose company i am yet to discover.

Thank you for being who you are and adding a little more colo(u)r to my life. It is late at night but what could be a better way to end the day than to just sit back, relax and thank the Lord for all you’ve got and thank everyone who has been there for you. Change is different, change can be difficult and i think i have transitioned well, all thanks to people i have accepted and those that have accepted me.


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