Mumbai to New York – The Preparation

It all started five years ago. I wanted to go abroad for higher education. I always wanted to. I gave all qualifying exams, posted my application, got admission and got a job. A job in a company i dreamed to be in. A job in a company i loved and i chose to work over going away for studies. It remained a subconscious dream. A dream i thought i shall realize some day. There was always next year, you know.

Come 2014, i knew something was up. The last days of 2013 had me realizing various things trivial and important. It was time. Bringing the dream to life was a process so slow and painful and I had to work on it. Every day in bits and pieces. What started in January shall culminate in August and what shall commence in August shall terminate two years hence.

There were mails (oh so many) to the University, to the apartment communities, to the department, to the company i was leaving. There was VISA, housing, loan to be figured out. As the days grew closer i had a laundry list to tick off. What didn’t help at all is that i had multiple lists.

I had my days of procrastination, days i felt like doing nothing and i did exactly that. NOTHING. Such a wonderful feeling to sit on the chair and stare into space. Only brought back to reality with your mom ordering you to finish certain things. Hmph!

The only relief came when the loan was sanctioned. I didn’t bother much about shopping. Got couple of things online, a new swanky Andriod phone for my dad. Then my effort was concentrated on meeting as many friends as possible and that is still going on. A couple of memories more to an already long list of fun times i’ve had.

1. The framed picture of me super imposed on a SHE HULK (it has something to do with a project i worked on in office, courtesy ex – SUPER BOSS for his imagination) (Doc, you rock \m/)

2. The White headset with Blue tooth – best gift / most thoughtful ever!  (Go SKIN Packaging Team :), awesome for someone WHO needs to stay connected now more than ever. Moving away isn’t exactly easy!

3. Luggage bags at a discount – This wasn’t a gift but i did get a little help from my friends. (Mani + Awadhesh)

4. SHOES- Now, which girl would say no to shoes. That too a proper formal pair, just what i needed and they gladly contributed to the cause. (Yay, RUGRATS)

5. A “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book and a pen to help me write my stories and life given to me by my mentor Poonam 🙂

6. A yummy yum yum Cheesecake – courtesy Mamata 🙂

 I have met couple of close ones, need to meet so many more. So i shall be back with another post soon about how i feel/ don’t feel! 🙂 More on that from the airport and during my first few days.

Adios for now.


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