Waiting at a hospital

There is cacophony all around me. No, i am not at a recreation spot. Rather, in the waiting area of a hospital. As i sit here, patiently waiting for my friend i realize all of this seems familiar. Especially when i have been in and out of a few hospitals owing to the condition of my aunt.

This time though, something seems different. I am a mere spectator, i am not directly involved and hence, i have the luxury of letting my mind think. I see kids running, jumping, playing here. I wonder what is it they are here for. I wonder if someone around them is getting treated for something serious. As kids, they wouldn’t  realize the gravity of the situation and that’s what i like about innocence. It reminds me of my niece and what she said and felt when her grandma passed away.

I am glad that this lobby doesn’t smell hospital like and has a more office feel to it. The fact that it seems non intimidating is very comforting and that must be a relief for the family members who have to spend every minute here. I think i spoke about smell too soon. As i type, a whiff of a highly strong deodorant sprayed generously breaks my flow of thought. A man who seems a few years older than me, comes and sits on the same bench. He is shaking his feet now, i am  getting distracted. The phone rings, my friend is on his way. The wait is over.


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