Wondering about everything

It’s that time of the year again when I try to think back to all that’s happened in the weeks and months gone by. I know it’s not 1st of January but then New Year’s Resolutions are so cliched – besides I always prefer calibrating from a past major milestone. Two years ago I began a new adventure, moved down to a new place, lock, stock and barrel for a new job. Moved into a new apartment with my then boyfriend, now husband. Husband! Oooo, it’s almost funny + magical + weird to say that word.

In those two years, I gave up a lot of things I was accustomed to. For starters, we moved to a new state and so – I had to start from scratch with acclimatizing myself to my new surroundings. I had to do so many things for the first time – driver’s permit and license, buying a car on loan, applications and permits for all sorts of things. Some of these were pretty grown up stuff.Then came the big – introducing him to the family and making sure everyone was okay. His family met my family. Everyone was on board. Then came more paperwork. Then the wedding planning for a good part of the past 10 months.

After two years of constantly working towards the next big goal, it feels like suddenly a weight has been lifted. This past weekend – all we did was

1. Clean the apartment 2. Relax at home.

No more, no less. After spending the past 10 months planning the wedding and always being on the move every single weekend since possibly February – it almost feels unreal to have stayed home this weekend. Things are beginning to slow down on the home front and it’s a much needed break I am grateful for. Not that the next goal isn’t already in sight but it’s just a place in life where I see where I came from, where I am going and right here, right now, actually feels very good.

Just wanted to take a moment to thank how far along we’ve come. Here’s to future adventures.



Checking Boxes

My dear friends, i am so sorry to be away from you all for so long. There are times i want to drop all that i am doing to let my blog-o-verse know what i am upto. However, as life goes, it gets busy and priorities shift based on where you are in life.

All i can say is things are going well. I am in a happy place and have been checking some pretty big boxes from a personal life and goals standpoint. It may take me a little while to get back into to groove of blogging again but i am hoping i can take small steps to blog some travel posts.

Sending everyone lots of love.


It’s been over a year and i’ve been missing in action. I can, however, vouch for the fact that my life hasn’t been anything less than a power packed series. It’s been filled with meeting new people, graduating with the highest honors – like i aimed, death of a family member, giving a ton of interviews and finally being lucky enough to find a good fit and even luckier to be able to choose. Then came the moving cities, meeting more new people through work, learning the organizational culture, having lunches with the ladies, vacationing with the parents etc. It has truly been a year of many first for which i am very grateful.

I am also very thankful for the many opportunities. I will be celebrating my first year work anniversary soon and i have to say that a job can only become more than just a job because of it’s people. When teams are supportive and people got the right perspective, things become a heck of a lot easier. Knock on wood. I feel truly blessed. Blessed for the opportunity. Things have been working out in this unexplained way that i feel super duper mega lucky.

Now is the time to begin to pay it forward. To help another, if there’s any way i can.

Also, i feel inspired by people who truly believe in changing this world. This afternoon, one co-worker of mine came by my desk to talk to me about some positive feedback i had given about a new feature he worked to make happen. At the end of the conversation, he said, we need to keep chipping away. Progress in small steps. I smiled. It was an inspiring moment. One that made the clouds in my mind part and the sun shine directly inside my brain! He wasn’t aiming to change the world but he was, one simple step at a time, through his small actions that made a difference in the organization he worked for, which in turn would affect the products they put out into the market, which ultimately shall reach the consumers. He is also one of those people who is so passionate about what he does, it just flows out of him. He can talk about what he’s doing to improve things for a straight 30 minutes without taking a breath. I am thankful for having the opportunity to know such people. I hope i am always stay curious, passionate, excited and it shows!


2Oth April 2017 was an amazingly difficult but fulfilling day

I thought my world as i knew it was falling apart

My box broke

My devices didn’t record any information

But i had an Indian God’s namesake/ friend (Ganu) help me pick up the pieces

My fav cuz helped me by giving me some much needed pep talk

Mom and dad told me not to stress as much and made sure i was eating right

Polar bear ensured i had dinner on time and we spent some time watching couple episodes of FRIENDS while i worked in the pack lab

My testing completed around 00:25 HOURS on 04/21/2017 and now i should rest.

Tomorrow is another exciting day

All in partial fulfillment of my complete Masters Degree!


Exquisite Marathon Invitation

I am at it again. Missing a few days of writing then using multiple prompts to help me build a story.

So Jan 15-17 are: Exquisite, Marathon, Invitation and to me they’re perfect in just that order.

Exquisite Marathon Invitation. Exquisite Marathon Invitation! I ponder and repeat those three words in my head a couple more times before it finally begins to make some sense and take some shape. First, I think about what the beginning of the year has been to me. It is something to do with hope, achievement, life improvement of all sorts and the want to shine and excel in everything i do. Sounds exquisite.

Second, it is definitely a marathon. I need to sustain it for 365 days – 17 since those have passed.

Third, the fact that my conscience keeps beckoning me to do better/ want to do better each day is an invitation.

Makes perfect sense, no?

The Daily Prompt: Jan 15- 17: Invitation

Thinking to himself

Last year, i tried to blog continuously for a period of 30 days using the daily prompts. It was a mildly successful effort and i don’t see why i shouldn’t try it again this year. If i think about it realistically, i have enough time this year to achieve these little things i want to do. I fail when it comes to my willpower to shut Netflix off and go to bed early the previous night instead of watching, “OH, but  just ONE more episode” before i finally go to sleep  in the wee hours of the morning only to wake up a few minutes before noon. As a student who is on a break from school it seems like a great idea, to be in bed that late but as someone ambitious who has some dreams and goals to achieve in the next 24 weeks, it is a terrible, terrible idea.

So, like anyone else who has worked smart instead of hard, i am going to cheat because i am lazy enough to not want to make 14 different posts since i missed blogging the first 14 days of this year. I am going to attempt to use these 14 prompts in a single post

The words are:

Year  Interior  Gone  Crossing  Tempted  Float  Specific  Infinite  Shine  Uneven  Cling  Someday  Capable  Unseen

Here goes-

He was a very capable man,

Life to him was all about infinite possibilities

He yearned to shine at work,

He worked very hard.

But there  were times he felt physically drained & tired.

He was very well guarded about his feelings and beliefs.

There were times when all he wanted to do was cling onto something.

He was tempted to cry for help but he was too proud to do so.

His 30 something body felt like it was 50 because of his sedentary lifestyle.

When he was home at night,

He would love to lie down on his bed for specific amounts of time – motionless

Almost trying to make his soul float around the room or hover over his still body

He’d try not to think of the year gone by, it had been a tough one

He’d try not to let random thoughts crossing his mind distract him

Then he would get up and sit by the window

Grab his pack and light one up

In the middle of smoking his cigarette

His eyes would wander off to the mirror at the other end of the room

He’d look at himself and what a mess he is and try to fix his uneven hair

He’d then look  down at the pandemonium that ensued due to a traffic jam

In a city like Mumbai, where nothing ever stops, he hoped for a silent minute.

He looked at the mirror again, this time his gaze piercing through the reflection of his being

The demons of his psyche, the interior of his spirit, all came out to play at once

And not unlike the smoke of the cigarette in his hand

The toxicity of his true personality, couldn’t be unseen.


The Daily Prompt: Jan 14: Unseen (Jan 1- Jan 14)

Looking backward, looking forward

I am trying to think back 364 days. I had an amazing end to 2015 with a glitch that made it not so amazing and it carried on into 2016. Fortunately I had great teachers at school who hired me and that helped me financially. Then, I braved a blizzard spent six hours at a bus station waiting for my bus back to Rochester before I could finally move down to White Plains. When I think about it, it seems like small stuff, some of which I was sweating and some of which I decided not to sweat and that was good.

Personally, 2016 had a lot to offer and therefore it is imperative for me to chronicle this. 2016 in general taught me to watch for signs and read them. Though I am trying, I am no expert yet when it comes to reading signs.

Here’s what I learned in 2016 in no particular order

  1. People can be greedy. If you see signs of it – speak out or move away. Greed shows up in little things that might not be of any significance to you and just because you choose to ignore it, it doesn’t go away.
  2. People are willing to help you out. Especially if you genuinely want to learn something. All you have to do is ask. Ask even when you’re uncomfortable.
  3. Don’t think you know everything until you do. BE OPEN. You might be surprised as to how much you don’t know because you chose to shut down the other side before LISTENING. Listen for the sake of learning not for the sake of asking questions – someone once said. This goes for both older people (Parents, Teachers, Friends) and younger people (Siblings, Students, Friends)
  4. If you want something – make a goal, think about it often and then work towards it. My goal was to want to graduate with the highest possible honor and I am working towards it.
  5. Everyone’s time is valuable – including yours, if someone doesn’t respect it. You shouldn’t have any obligation to respect theirs. That doesn’t mean you show up 30 minutes late for the next meeting with them but let them know. Having said that, give of your time to others freely if you can.
  6. Have the foresight those friendships that are made fast can end as fast as they began. Everything of importance in life takes time and work. Everything is an investment that you’re either going to gain or lose. If good soil, sun and water in the right combination are not given to the plant – it won’t grow up to be what you hoped for. Also, some plants cannot be made into BONSAI (early 2015 lesson)
  7. Sometimes you will have to compromise and settle for less than the best. Is that the right thing to do? (I don’t have an answer to it yet)
  8. If you are truly passionate about something, it will show when you talk about it to others. You will be beaming and excited. Some aspects of it will make you angry but you know doing it is going to help you in the long run. So sometimes you have to suck up the bad parts because you know the reward and pain is worth it to gain something you love.
  9. Spend time with yourself – a lot. Go on long walks by yourself. It might give you an insight into you.

2016 has been a great year for me; the year has been so kind that it’s set the bar really high for 2017. I do hope good things happen this year, there’s hope for humanity and more good than bad comes out of this year. People in position of power will take steps to change the world for the better. Wars will hopefully end.

Now onto my personal list of goals for 2017

  1. Healthy eating, healthy living, leading a more active lifestyle.
  2. Keeping in touch with my friends and family on a more regular basis. Writing more handwritten letters and sending it to my friends across the world. Yes, my mission is to keep all postal services across the globe in business.
  3. Being intentional in all that I do. (Personal, professional, financial decisions) Deliberate and decide.
  4. Being more kind and humble.
  5. Doing my best at my job whatever it may be (Teaching Assistant, Student, Employee)
  6. Being slow to speak and slower to criticize.
  7. Learning a language and or a musical instrument or both.
  8. Reading more and watching more documentaries than popular sitcoms and series.

I am sure there is more on my personal list but these are the ones that encompass them all.

Wishing you all lots of joy, happiness, love, luck and health in 2017. I am ready for the next revolution around the sun, are you?